Why Art Matter

Art is a diverse range of human activities in creating visual, auditory or performing artifacts, expressing the author’s imaginative, conceptual ideas, or technical skill, intended to be appreciated for their beauty or emotional power. In the first video “Why Art Matters”, it demonstrates four people base their comprehension to explain to us that art affects people’s ideas through vision, it can be displayed in any form and in any way. when they look at it, art develops the thinking of people. Art can be anything. Thus, they highlight that art is significant in people’s lives because art expands and deep thinking.

In traditional art, art may be hard to understand, but as the times progress, I think art has changed a little bit. People start to relate between real life and art. Art comes from life.  More and more artists start to create art in very easy ways which is very prevalent right now. This is why more and more people are concerned about this. In fact, art is closer to people’s lives which is more accepted and understood by ordinary people. Moreover, most of the time art uses itself to communicate with people. It becomes a method in which people can get information or people start deeply thinking. This is special to art and it is more visual than other sciences or activities.

Also, I feel art is not only the communication between art and people. In fact, it also promotes the communication between people. Through an artwork, people who do not know each other can resonate or have a consistent view. It can also expand or develop people’s different views of the same thing, this kind of thing in this era, has been a direct way to promote communication and create activities.

3 thoughts on “Why Art Matter

  1. Fuad Choudhury

    I completely agree with you. I also think that art is not only the communication between art and people. Even it also promotes the communication between people.

  2. Chang Liu

    I really like your expression in the second paragraph.You stated that art is no longer hard to understand and is much easier accepted by ordinary people now . And then you connected this conclusion closely with the point that art can promote communication between people.Excellent writing.

  3. Paul Fess

    Xiao, I like your comment that is a kind of communication between people; hang on to this idea because you will get a chance to think about it more deeply when we watch Episode 1 of John Berger’s Ways of Seeing.

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