How art can help you analyze discussion question

“How art can help you analyze” by Amy E. Herman talks about how doctors, nurses and lawyers could improve their visual activity and communication skills. Studying of art helps investigate what workers want because it aids them to notice the small details they want, which would help a doctor in treating an injury or a police officer in investigating a crime scene. Each time you look at a portrait or an art, your brain tries to work to make a sense of the visual information it’s receiving. When looking at Rene Magritte’s Time Transfixed, we’ll find out a train whose origin and destination are unknown is origining from a fireplace and a smoke from the locomotive appears to flow through the chimney. But where is the fire? Where is this train heading to? Why no train tracks? What happened to the candles? There would be numerous questions but no answers. The more time you spend analyzing a piece of art, the more you are able to stimulate both unconscious and conscious brain functions. Doing so can increase your analytical and problem-solving skills in everyday life. A doctor would be better studying the symptoms of his patients. A police officer has the ability to investigate the crime scene quicker and notice the small details he wants which would make him successful in his job. Workers would be able to solve problems from new and different perspectives as art aid us in investigating and this would be the best skill that anyone can have.

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  1. Anyelina Munoz

    I totally agree with you Yara. By analyzing we are able to increase our problem solving skills. We think faster and develop better ability when either investigating, learning or just solving a problem. Also our brain is more active and will start thinking more efficient on the reason of a situation.

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