Blog Post # 5 – Sonic Examples

Blog Post # 5 – Sonic Examples

Nowadays, digital technology is indispensable in the society where we are living. There is different king of devises; among them, the digital cellphone plays an important role in our daily life and has changed the way we used to listen music and buy some songs, also it has become an addiction for many people.

Before, people used to listen music by radio, Walkman or going to the parties. Many adults remember the period of playing tape in the radio or listening broadcast from the radio.  At that period friends gathered around the radio to listen music and dance. It was one of the wonderful moments for many adults in their life, they play, sing, talk, compete and create new friendship. Then, it arrives the period of Walkman where people are more isolated to listen their personal favorite songs, they express felling of being alone because they don’t want to be disturbed in their solitude of listening music. They try to avoid crowded and noise areas in order to enjoy their lovely songs. Furthermore, this new experience of life contributed to reduce going to the party to assist artists’ performances. It difficult to communicate with other people or create any kind of relation.

The digital cellphone has modified the way we listen to music and interact with others. Now, we don’t need to buy tape music from the store and put it into the Walkman or radio to hear the song. We can purchase it from the internet by using our digital cellphone; we can buy and download everything song from everywhere at any time. For example, we see in our everyday life, people don’t care who is close to them or watching them, but they are always concentrated to their digital phone and using their headphone to listen to music. Their minds are disconnected to the place where they are sitting, eating, standing etc. In addition to that fact, we see people listening to music and playing on their phone while crossing the street because they are addicted to their phone. This new technology revolution gives us more facilities to access to the different kind of music and makes our life easier. But the overuse of these digital devises is a huge problem in our modern society.

In the present society, digital cellphone is an essential value to listen music and can be used for different purposes but the addiction to this devise is an issue for many people.



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  1. Sumitra Budhathoki Dhungel

    I remember my childhood when you mention that before people used to enjoy music by playing tape in the radio or rely on the broadcast. It used to be different time where we all family members gather in the same place to have a fun but with advance technology like cell phones , digital audio has replace all the things and make people apart from each other in today’s society. In my home every one is busy with their cell phones pretend like they don’t have time for each other to communicate. so, I believe limitation is important while using a cellphones.

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