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Working Out at Home Without Annoying Your Neighbors

Noise complaints are up as residents jump, kickbox and lift weights in their own apartments during the coronavirus lockdown. New Yorkers have found that working from home, even when home is a studio apartment, is mostly doable. Working out from home, though? That’s another matter.

The colorful world is full of strange sounds: the melodious bird cry, the eerie wolf roar; the majestic tsunami, the thunderbolt; the roaring machinery of the factory day and night, the sound of the piano in the concert hall… they make up the “environment” “Symphony” movement. Sometimes the movement is harmonious and tranquil, sometimes passionate and unrestrained, and sometimes chaotic. Sometimes it prevents people from resting and thinking. Noise is called the “invisible killer”. It can affect people’s hearing, shorten people’s life span, and seriously cause death. The development of science and technology has changed our lives. We are building houses, roads, and concert halls with sound insulation materials. At the same time, more people can be protected from noise. Therefore, the key to preventing noise is to control and eliminate noise sources.