1. Microphone maximizes the signal of the voice and minimizes the noise that inevitably comes. The noise may be a sound that comes from the mouth that we do not consider in music. Microphone sounds clearer than a phone. It is used for recording. Senorita control proximity effect. Cellphones are worse to listen to. cell phones do not transmit the full range of sound picked up mic. cell phone background noise put away; it can regulate our voice. Digitally process that sound compressing it to remove whatever engineers have decided is unnecessary data.


  1. People have already lost some language skills when we use digital transmission because when people who are separate far away have to use digital transmission, it causes people to lose some feeling. Human voice allows us to send our voice over vast distances, but non-verbal voice quality is lost in digital coding. musical quality of our voice is the nonverbal part of our voice to communicate.
  2.  Music, community, and culture are all interrelated, with each having a continuous effect on the other. Music is inextricably linked with the context in which it is produced, consumed and taught and the inter-relationship between music, society and culture has been researched for many decades. Music like language operating on a different level through symbolic processes using different units of exchange and this work has advanced. music practices around the world and increasing our understanding.


Episode 4

  1. ways of hearing “Money” by Damon Krukowski. In this episode he talks about music being property, he states that music should be freely available for everyone because it is something immaterial and therefore it shouldn’t be a price on it. This point that he makes is very interesting because ideally, it would be amazing having the possibilities of being able to listen to any music without having to pay for it. music should not be freely accessible for everyone as it would have a negative effect in the music industry and there would be less artists dedicated to this. In my paper I will be going over and interpreting Krukowki’s arguments in this episode and consequently stating the advantages and disadvantages of music being freely available for everyone.


  1. Playing musical instruments is particularly important for human social development because music making is fun and uses different skills to the ones that most people usually make music is relaxing and can relieve feelings of stress and anxiety. In fact, there is now a growing body of research which demonstrates that playing musical instruments is really good for you in terms of both improved physical and mental health. Music does not suffer the frustrations of catering to the diverse group of people that we are likely to see in a modern community because music is non-verbal and does not differentiate or discriminate between age, culture or ability.

6 . Music is like sound which goes inside our ear naturally and we can stop it. In the same way, music is something that we can’t stop but why is it stopped by the tag of money. music should be available free to anyone who is hearing and how free music can make people popular. Music should be something that free of cost because music is for entertainment, and we can’t make this entertainment just for people who can pay for it because poor people need to enjoy as well. That would make more people listen to music which makes artists more famous with more fans. Now companies are becoming rapacious and turning music to a business that they could benefit, so we can’t just put the blame on artists. Some artists do sing as an avocation without caring about money, and street singers.