Blog Post #1

In the video “How art can help you analyze” has concepts such as precision, logic and significance. The author shows precision when she describes how the doctor and police officer develop each case. For example, the doctor had to match three symptoms to determine which disease the patient had. While, the police had to see each and every detail/clue to see how many robberies there actually were and analyze the crime scene. The two cases showed logic being used. It showed how all of the five senses are important because it helps to find the solution and analyze everything. For example, the doctor questions the patient’s symptoms. Asking him how he feels to determine what is really wrong. The doctor also pays attention visually to see how the patient looks externally. He also checks the x-rays. The doctor tried to eliminate the possibility of chickenpox because he only had high fever and fatigue but not the last symptom. This means the patient was negative and needed to continue to be diagnosed. At the same time the police officers questioned the robbers to see how many were actually there. Visually analyzing help them further their investigation. For both cases the author describes every significant detail to find solutions because using analyzing helps to solve problems. In the video the presenter used four techniques such as Kairos, Logos, Ethos and Pathos. She used these techniques to help convince the audience to understand clearly her argument. She gave clear examples in the video and how it is important to analyze everything in a problem. Politicians running for office use ethos, pathos and logos to convince/ connect with people so they can vote for them.