Discussion Questions #3


  1. One of the main premises in this episode is Berger’s distinction between nakedness and the nude female form as it is traditionally represented in Western art. What are the differences between these things and why are these differences significant? Do they apply to images you have encountered in your experience?

According to episode 2 of ways of seeing by John Bergers states that western art has a tradition to women naked and nude. Bergers criticize that in his video. Barger discusses the concept of a female nude. Nakedness and nude have the same meaning but in the episode have different concepts. The significant difference between naked and nude is the naked woman is to be oneself but nude is seen by others in addition she does not recognize for oneself.  


2. According to Berger, how have Western works of art depicted and defined different roles for men and women? According to Berger, what is the significance of this? Do these depictions influence the ways we think of the differences between men’s and women’s roles in society today?

Berger argues that western art defined different roles for men and women. The man and women’s vision about themselves is different women always see themselves beautiful and also represent beauty instead of men. Women and men did not have the same reflection about themselves. Women always influence by others describing her beauty and looking to her. Berger believes that there is inequality between men and women in society.     


3. How does Berger describe the significance of the mirror in paintings depicting women? What does this object say about the ways beauty is defined in these paintings? What does Berger say about the depiction of the female gaze in the paintings he discusses? What kinds of more contemporary examples does he relate this to, and what significance does he draw from these connections between older European art and depictions of women today?

According to Berger’s description, the mirror is symbolic of oil western painting art. It shows the reflection of women’s beauty and women’s vanity. Berger said that a naked woman is looking at her mirror because she enjoys looking at her beauty that called the painting vanity. Male spectators owners have their own judgment of women nude. Berger draws a connection between the older European, though the comparing between the western painting arts and photograph took to naked women, He shows the similarity of their facial reactions and their eye contact. Now,  In female magazines, There are many photos for women who are nude that shows women still enjoy looking at her beauty through a male.