Discussion Questions #1 “why art matters”

The presenter in this video makes a confession case as to why art matters and is more important than one might think. One of the presenters in this video shares that when looking at any type of art it allows one to be present and more aware of their environment. the viewer is able to really stop and just be more conscious of their surrounding. It also gives people more form of expression, whether they are the artist or viewer.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Questions #1 “why art matters”

  1. Paul Fess

    Ngawang, you raise two good points here, but I’m wondering if your could say more about what you mean by being “more conscious” and giving “expression.”

  2. Bella Acero

    I agree art is in everything and everywhere. People can have imagination and think through their eyes. A painting can be seen very different through different perspectives, giving it many meaning.

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