discussion question #3

    Q 1. Being naked is simply being  without clothes .To be naked is to be oneself whereas  nakedness is created in the mind of eye of beholder.BUt Nude is form of an art.Nude means to be seen naked by other and yet not recognize for one self.Nude has to been seen by an object in order to be  nude.In European  art  ,nakedness is seight  for those who addresses and  is not taken as granted.The European nude art implies an awareness of being seen by the spectetor. Nude art are not naked as they are, they are naked as you see them. Nakedness reveals itself whereas Nudity is placed on display.  Not necessarily the image but when in hospital for any body checkup ,you don’t feel nude.

Q2.Men are portrayed as strong ,fit ,dominant characters whereas women appear more polished because they ought to appeal to men. A European oil painting of a nude does not includes a spectator. But paintings of nudes assume the spectator to be a clothed man, the painting created for his enjoyment. Berger illustrates this point through the painting Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time . The painter arranges the woman’s body so the male spectator can look at her. The composition is designed to appeal to his sexuality, not her own.As Berger European oil painters were usually men and their subjects were usually women. Women were just made to be looked at, or “surveyed” .Berger shows a picture of multiple female nudes,[The Oreads (wood nymphs)] by French painter William-Adolphe Bouguereau , as the height of “this male flattery” referring men could look at the women and be reassured of their masculinity.Art and life affect one another.The presentation of women in art might affect the way  women behave and are treated in society. 

Q3.A mirror in a painting  was to allow woman as treating herself a sight thus  having her own spectator as herself. But  the painting with mirror  and beauty tools are accused  to exhibit women sexulaity  and vanity . Mirror symbolized as a vanity of women therefore depicted  women the pleasure.Woman dependent on the gaze of others for her identity’s as she looks out of the picture.In modern art the category of the nude has become less important.

3 thoughts on “discussion question #3

  1. Ismail

    you did well with your D1 answer by summarising well that part in the episode and also gave a good examples which related correctly as it said in D2 either. It is very interested how you do describe how women are are looked in a painting of a mirror . But with which example you can justify by saying in this modern life the nudity as form of art has become less important ?

  2. Fuad Choudhury

    I also agree with your thoughts such as you said ”Nakedness reveals itself, whereas Nudity is placed on display. Not necessarily the image, but when in hospital for any body checkup ,you don’t feel nude”. It’s very meaningful I think.

  3. Dilora Kabilova

    We appear in this world naked, pure and innocent. We grow and gradually feeling of shame comes to us. We consider ourselves naked until we decide to be seen by the artist and then by the viewer. At that moment, we are nude and putting on a mask. Since people by nature want to seem better than they really are. However, Only the artist himself decides how the nude model will be depicted. The artist selects the tonality of light, conveying the mood of shadows and affects the attitude of the viewer to the naked model.

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