Blog Post 1

After watching the video “How can art help you analyze ” you could understand why art is so important to the world. Art is all over the world and we barely notice it. Not everyone can understand certain pieces of art and this brings out more skills in a person. Throughout the video Ted-Ed uses relevance, logic and and debth to help readers understand “How can art help you analyze. ” The author uses relevance to help readers understand “How can art help you analyze” because if you can analyze the thing you cant see in art, you can use that ability in your everyday life. For example¬† a doctor or a police officer have to use there eyes to analyze¬† a problem or to diagnose somebody. If you can analyze even the little things in art or in general it is a helpful skill .The other uses logic to explain the importance of analyzing art because sometimes in art you’re not gonna see every detail so its up to you to interpret and inference what the art significance. For example in the video there was a painting of a train with no other detail around it. If you really interpret the picture and use logic you can imagine all the other things surrounding the picture. Lastly the author uses debth to explains to listeners the deeper you look into something the more you’ll understand. Art isn’t something that can be analyzed easily but with practice you can use these skills else where too.