Discussion question 3

1 – Berger uses the example of Kenneth Clark book to explain the difference between “being naked” and “nude” in which Clark says that the nude is a form of art but being naked is simply being without clothes. Berger has different thoughts about it, he explains that “to be Naked is to be oneself and to be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for oneself”. This means that a naked person is the one that is peacefully by it self with no public but a nude is the painting of a ‘naked’ person or people who are being seen by other. As John Berger says, I also believe that “nudes” are created from artists for their own pleasure.

2 – According to Berger, Western work of art represent the different roles of a man and women in the society. Women are shown languid, to feed an appetite, not to have any of their own. Females are expressing their desire to satisfy a man needs. Berger uses the example of “The judgement of Paris” painting in which the artist paints a man handing an apple to the women he think is more beautiful. As in nowadays society, beauty represents competition. We are seen by man as fishes in the river, they want to catch the best looking one. Man are seen as more dominant than woman. Most women won’t approach a man even if they are interested on them. Instead we will look submissive and sometimes weaker than man just to call their attention. In conclusion, I think that this pictures represent the reality of man and women roles in today society with the exemption of a few women who in some cases are more dominant than man.

3 – “The mirror became a symbol of women vanity” Berger says. As in the painting, “Susanna and the elders” looks at her self in the mirror to see how she is being seen in the eyes of a man. In the following painting, a women is naked holding a mirror and looking at her self. The mirror is being used as an excuse to blame the women whom has been painted totally naked for the artist pleasure but condemning the women by calling the paint “Vanity”. He related this to “The judgement of Paris” which is transform into a beauty contest. The idea remains the same. Man looking at women and judging them. In today’s society, women are being seen and judged by man. It is as a competition, where beauty and perfection wins. Woman try to look perfect to the eyes of man and not be judged by the society. Make up, plastic surgery, provocative clothes are some of the options that women use nowadays to persuade man.