Discussion Post #2

Question: 1

Berger says that the process of seeing is not “natural,” that it is shaped by habits and conventions. The reason is our daily activities/lifestyle shape our thinking/mind and perspective centers everything. A painting can be seen in different meaning for different age, such as between an adult and a child. A child and an adult have different life experiences. So, an adult can see painting in more detail than a child and it’s not natural. However, Berger described a point of view as reality shaped from the existence of a structure by our eye. Therefore, eye shows the world to us and impact on the tendency of our improvement. Then our tendency what reads the meaning of art.

Question: 2

The creation of the camera changed everything. Now paintings travel to us for the camera. They use for different purposes such as the faces of the paintings use for specific messages, also use to purchase the original ones which are the reproduction unfortunately. I want to add that paintings are everywhere and people don’t get the original vibes what they see in front of an original painting. As a result, original paintings lost their original meaning. Berger pointed out that an original painting can only be seen in one place at a time. Now we can see any painting at any place in different situations. So it just changed our thought what we should see in a museum with stillness and silence. With stillness and silence, we can focus our mind to understand the meaning of the painting. On the hand, paintings in books and magazines has different perspective. Here paintings are used for delivering specific information or message. The reason is now the movement of the camera changed the meaning of a painting completely such as “an allegorical figure becomes a pretty girl” what the video showed.

Question: 3

Berger indicated that the paintings become a form of information. Now its use for spreading specific information. I think that camera divided a painting into many forms. Such as the faces of a painting use for specific messages. Paintings are being replicated by the camera or works of art are being repeated by the camera. The main reason is to sell or use/utilize the paintings based on the interest of what human look for. The copies of paintings use for various information or message what clearly re-forming our experiences. As a result, the first and original significance of an artistic creation is completely lost and gone.

2 thoughts on “Discussion Post #2

  1. Valentina Bedoya

    I agree with what you said in the 3rd paragraph, however I don’t think the original meaning of an artistic creation is completely gone just because now is not authentic and unique; seeing artworks used to be a privilege, art is now available for anyone to enjoy and that is a lot gained

  2. christopher cordovez

    I agree with your question 1 responses- when a child and an adult see the same painting, they see different details and also the painting will convey there thoughts differently.

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