Discussion #7


  1.  Krukowski suggests at the beginning of the episode when he states  “the marginal-the rejected-the repressed-is whatever the powerful have decided is of no use at the moment”  suggests that those in power, or rather the majority, are who decide what is represented in digital media.
  2. These are different because they can be used for positive influences rather than have a negative impact on the public.
  3. The difference is that when you are surprised by new music, it is something you have stumbled upon, whereas discovering new music is when you search for new music within a genre or a certain theme.

Episode 6

  1.  According to Krukowski, noise is dependent on the person, Is any sound that does not relay information but is instead a distraction. Signals on the other hand transmit information to the listener.
  2. The central idea of noise is that is subjective to the listener, and that noise to one person may not be noise to another.
  3. This episode relates to other episodes since noise and signals are a new change that is moderately new in technology, and is prevalent now in all forms of media that contain sound.