Discussion #1: How art can help you analyze

In the video ”How art can help you analyze” the presenter is trying to convey that one needs to look beyond what they see. A picture can say a million words. She is telling us to use all of our senses when solving problems. Questioning oneself and others can help see unclear clues and solutions. One example is analyzing what you see in the paint of the train. There are many elements that are missing in the painting. So, we need to ask, why is it missing and it’s meaning behind it. I believe the presenter is stating a convincing argument because she gave two clear examples explaining different ways of solving problems. Analyzing plays a big part in solving problems. Like I mentioned earlier using all five senses can really help you analyze beyond what is just in front of you. Two questions I would ask is, why does the author use the train without important elements? What is he trying to say/ represent? Lasty, do you think too many perspectives can confuse or mislead a solution?