Blog Post #4

This video I found online. I like it because these sounds come from life, and each sound is something we hear every day. In our life maybe these sounds do not catch people’s attention because this is too general and we can hear about this everyday. We can hear about so many sounds in there such as butterflies’ wings flapping, lighting matches, and cats sticking out their tongues, water drops, voices of people, bubble gum, clink of glasses. The editor uses ultra-high-powered, military-grade microphones. Of course, the combination of this video also gives me a new understanding of digital music. Digital music is not only presented in digital virtualization and noisy rhythm, but also can adapt music into another form to present to the audience. This is creating.  In addition, I feel digital music is not only recording sounds. It is also recording action.  Using technology and “real” sounds to create music will be very popular.