Briefly answer these questions from Chapter 2 Prewriting in English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate:

  1. Is the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade?

– An essay can be to educate, announce, entertain or persuade. However, I think it’s the most important part to declare what the essay about.

  1. Who might be interested in the topic of the essay?

– The topic of an essay can be interesting only to the students and professor or peers and mentors also. It depends on the theme.

  1. Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it?

– The information within the essay can be an impact on the students or campus, also in a state or worldwide.

  1. What does the reader know about this topic?

– Usually the author/writer of the essay, write the essay with important details/reasons with examples.

  1. What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points?

– The reader must find and understand the “thesis statement” of an essay to understand the essay’s point.

  1. What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest?

– Some specific information to guess the reader should include in the essay so that the reader can engage in the essay with interest.

  1. What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic.

– A decent level of language is must require in the essay. By not using any difficult words and not making the essay complicated for the reader is an important thing.

  1. What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay.

– The tone in the essay can be resolute by the insolence of the writer.


Write a draft of your opening paragraph based on Chapter 3.2 Opening Paragraphs from English Composition: Connect, Collaborate, Communicate.

The opening paragraph or the introduction of an essay is the starting point of an essay. And this paragraph carries a good value of the essay. In this paragraph, the author should include the theme of the essay by giving a statement with emotions or a mental perspective. That’s how the reader can engage with the essay with interest. However, a strong thesis statement is a must. The reader can guess what the essay will be from the thesis statement. If the statement seems good, then the reader will continue his reading. Another thing is pointless things should be avoided in this paragraph in order to hold the attention of the reader. Sometimes a reader can get the same vibes what the author is trying to say and that’s like ‘’hit the jackpot’’ for a good beginning. Clearly, the beginning of the essay has the power to read forward and it can be done by putting some important details with a strong thesis statement and also a statement with emotions. However, the article has significant and accommodating strategies that we can use to convey a good start of our scholastic paper.