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This comic image offers a powerful message about perspective and point of view. As we are working on Berger’s ways of seeing, I think this image justifies it in a significant way. In this image the two identical looking cartoons expresses different interpretations of a number based on where they view from. The image emphasizes that even though people who appear identical can have different but equally correct points of view on the same topic. But then one should expect the same from people with different perception. An individual’s behavior, opinion, mindset, assumption, has direct connection with culture, religion, economic or his life experience. Even though both cartoons possess different perception, both are right. Here, how you see things and where you’re coming from really matters. And the same goes for the other person.

It also emphasizes on putting yourself in the shoes of other people. It is important because it can help one to better understand and develop empathy which promotes generosity .Looking from others point of view may shed some light on what actually happened when both party are not wrong. It’s undeniable to say adopting character could help to see the other’s point of view. Though in real life, adaptation is much more complicated but the simplicity of this comic image highlights a hopeful message that different interpretation is possible.


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