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Why Art Matter

After watching the video “Why Art Matter”( why look at art) describes a lot of things about art and the way we look at it. Art matters in our lives because we live in a visual world however, it is a mirror to reflect the culture and society. Art communicates in different ways which is important to being alive today. It connects the contemporary word.  Looking at some  art attracts that sort of attention to an environment which makes us feel better. In the video three categories of intellectual standard are shown clarity, breadth and significance. It shows us clearly how art helps in every sector or in every profession. Art  is not just a picture of the subject it is a package of  hidden  massage. In the video it shows in detail how the art helps everyone in their personal and  professional life for the doctors,nurses and law enforcement agents that show painting ,sculpture and photography as tools to improve their visual acuity and communication skills which are critical during investigation and emergencies. In addition,it helps to be more aware,alert,present space. Art is detail of so many things that can be absorbed if we really just take a moment and just let it come in,and listen.It is clear from the video that art is everywhere, in the street, in a park, in a building or in a movie so the art is not just at museums. 

The video let out many aspects of art and how it affects our daily lives. The reason the producer uses  breadth in the video is to connect the contemporary word. An artist uses a point of view to comfort us with a stem gaze or sight lines to hint at something we don’t see. From photography, Yoruba crown to caillebotte’s panoramic Paris, and Shenman’s provocation film helps to give an artwork meaning.’ Although, such arts explains the importance of visual stimulation and symbolism. The Yoruba Crown symbolizes the power of the king’s ancestors whose power is seen in both this world. Similarly , Paris street, Rainy Day 1877 is a powerful  art for expressing social classes, where people wear a suit in the street and other working class people relate how Parisian modern life ended in the 19th century. The art tries  to show the contemporary world. Cindy Sherman  approaches herself as a subject and she suggests a range of female roles. In “Untitled Film Still,# 92  She shows the creativity of female subjects without any title.

Overall, the standards of intellectual quality is very important because it measures the overall value of a scholarly effort and it helps to develop a deeper understanding of the art or any subject. The author tries to convey information accurately so that the audience can rely on them and can expand their deep understanding to the author and their work.


Why Art Matters

Art is a mirror where people are meant to move either on an intellectual or emotional level. It tells the thousand meanings of a subject no words are required to express. Art matters in our lives because we live in a visual world and art existed as long as man has. Art is a part of our lives; it is a huge part of our culture which shapes our ideas, understanding and level of thinking and vice versa. It provides us with a hidden meaning,deeper understanding, emotions and self awareness and many more.  Art is a powerful tool to express the hidden secrets.In the video “Why art matters”  speakers talk about the importance of art in lives and way of perception .Art is a medium to represent the things generation to generation and put it alive.It is the way of understanding and looking at and thinking about the way images communicate in all kinds of ways is important to being alive today. In addition,it attracts the sort of emotion, attraction to an environment which molds to be a  better person. Art helps to be more aware ,alert, present space because there is so much detail on it. Furthermore, the speaker talks about art is every wheres , not only in museums. It could be anywhere in the street,in a park or looking at a building or even in a movie.Art is not limited or just only part of a museum’s art is everywhere in everyday life. The speaker suggests to be first  impressed by the art, just stop and take a breath and look a little deeper at something, there are so many details around that  you absorb if you really just take a moment and just let it come in and listen. It is clear that art carries many meanings and how we rely on art, in all of it’s forms,in our everyday lives. it reveals our lives  because we are surrounded by art, it is not just a painting it is a mirror to show you the reality of the world.