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The first episode “The way of seeing” by John Berger states the effecting of mechanical reproduction and the idea of the reproduction of art on the painting. In addition to the invention of the camera changed the perception of the world. It changes what we see and how we can see it. He mentioned to most famous paintings that recreated by using mechanical and technological tools. Berger also mentioned the fact that painting can be easily manipulated by editing with music rhythm and the meaning of an image can be changed according to the current situation.    


In 1930, “American gothic” was painted by Grant Wood. Grant Wood painted a simple portrait of a farmer and his sister stopped in front of an American farmhouse. In the first look, you believe that American gothic is realistic painting. He showed through his painting how was the American family and framers look like and the farmhouse in behind showed the American architecture. You can see how the faces of the brother and sister. Based on the first episode “ the way of seeing” by John Berger states that painting can be manipulated, in the second and third photos the American family during the COVID-19 pandemic. They manipulate the American gothic and edited the portrait of the Lysol, face masks, and social distance to describe our situation and how we face pandemic and also use comics. They stand 6 feet and both wear a face mask so they don’t inadvertently spread the coronavirus.      

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  1. Paul Fess

    Maha, this is an interesting choice of images. I wonder, though, why people concerned about the pandemic chose to use this image as a way to convince people to wear masks, etc.

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