The background of this picture is the painter of Eiffel Tower in Paris, France in 1953. The photographer is Marc Riboud. it depicts a worker who is painting a building. His movements are like dancers perching in the tower. The Eiffel Tower is also like his friend. Paris city is looming in the background of the photo.


The first time I saw this photo, it made me feel as beautiful as the scene from the movie. The beautiful lines formed by the tower and the rhythmic dancing poses of the painter showed a pleasant atmosphere. Happy hours from ordinary workers. Image is not only the form of information but also the different methods and processes we use. The perspective and details we pay attention to are the most important. Berger said in the video that we can’t find the details and positive reality through pictures. But Marc Riboud said, “I like to shoot very detailed things. Many details that others don’t pay attention to. I think that is very important.” important. God exists in the details.”

Ordinary people’s small things, ordinary life scenes, and then through vivid details to present the real world. This is the best way of artistic expression.

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