Why art matters?

I recently re-decor my living room wall. It was plain grey color, after seeing for so many years it was making me depressed. I have decided to do something on the wall that will uplift my mood. I changed my wall color and added some colorful painting. The painting made my living room look alive. Every time I look at those painting, I feel good in myself. I believe the art, the colors bring our inner happiness out. We are surrounded by art in our everyday life. By viewing and Understanding how arts communicate help us to be more open about other perspective in life. By Trying to understand the massage artist conveying , remembering every details of an art,  thinking about it, and  trying to find every hidden clues in a painting, these make us more observant and we became more aware of our surrounding. Not only art make us happy and make us more observant it also help to relief stress. I have a painting app in my phone for coloring. It gives you a blank picture to color. Every time I use it I get so focus on painting that whatever the stress I was  feeling it leaves me and I feel much calmer. I feel art bring the positive on people that’s why art matters.

5 thoughts on “Why art matters?

  1. Paul Fess

    Norjahan, you raise important points about the relationship between beauty and our mental state, but I’m wondering if you can connect these ideas to aspects of what one or more of the videos discuss.

  2. Irina Pistol

    Norjahan I like the fact that you related the video “Why art matters” with how art matters for you, that you let your imagination and self-expression and you applied that in your room and how you described the wonderful feelings that you experienced after that.


    I like how you choose your own experience with the arts to explain why art is important in our daily life. I agree that we live in a virtual life so, it’s nice to be able to translate what we see to gain better communication.

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