way of seeing/ways of hearing

Q1. In most cases, each painting will bring a different meaning to the audience. In fact, it is a process from outside to inside. What we see from the outside is the surface of things. However, this superficial phenomenon often makes people have some inner thoughts. However, in our real life, people tend to evaluate on the surface, people only see what they want to see. Art works not only give people visual impact and enjoyment, and more importantly, they enable people’s inner and spiritual communication and interaction. In addition I think sometimes “nature” is without people’s opinion. It  just like mothers love children or animal hibernation. This is natural. However, people like to evaluate from their own perspective and experience, such as the “ Mona Lisa”, why people think this painting is mysterious because people will appreciate it and feel differently in different situations and moods. It is affected by external factors, such as education level, living environment, age, personal experience.

Q2. The invention of the camera is the beginning, it is a true record of the complete image, and painting is to use certain techniques to express emotions. Therefore, the photos can be more realistic, and we can get some information from the photos. “In the Power to Look” is a perfect example of how technology affects people’s lives. Gustave Caillebotte’s “Paris Street Rainy Day” uses different techniques to build the pavilion or provide some information. Cindy Sherman’s “Untitled 92” uses photography techniques to create something new. These tools use photos to create artwork variables instead of painting. At the same time, people should be careful about technology. Improper use of these technologies will have many negative effects. Some synthetic photos give people wrong information. When a painting is completed, time is stillness. Time will never stop. Painting keeps time at that moment. Any activity will no longer be related to this painting. painting does not speak, but it will use  silence to describe what it has experienced. we have to feel them and try to communicate with them.

Q3. The original artwork is very different from the copies and small pictures seen on the computer, because they cannot display the original appearance. When people see pictures or certain reproductions, the information is not just appreciation, such as when, where, why…. No one can restore the original painting. The picture is displayed on the screen of the computer/mobile phone. When the device is remade, the screen will automatically adjust the brightness of the ripping device. the reproductions and small pictures displayed on the computer cannot show the original appearance. However, even if people know the problem between the original and the copy, they will still make copies because of business. reproductions are everywhere, and it will bring business opportunities. People collect precious art, and precious art creates wealth for people. Constant copying and ubiquity make people profit from it. I don’t think this will be what the creators wanted at the time, nor the original intention of the time.