camera vs real life

Pictures have reached a more persuasive age. On social media, on the Internet, images are very popular. Colorful pictures attract people. People think what they see is true, but it’s just the opposite. In the book “Smart History”, art is created with lines, colors, and shapes. People use it in many ways. Now the advent of high technology has created many opportunities for false information. They spread so fast that they spread faster than anyone could have imagined or controlled. For example, advertising. advertising makes perfect moments that mislead many people because using pictures or videos can convey a message in the most direct way. The most persuasive ones that we see everyday. When people see this advisement¬† youtube.com,¬† How do we feel? The direct uses clothing, hair, environment, tells a story. There is no gorgeous language in front of the camera, but it is especially close to life and perfect music. It’s a perfect artwork, but it also gives some inappropriate information. What about food in real life?¬† romantic? beautiful as advertised? There is a big gap between the picture and real life. The lens, the music, the technology can completely change the facts. Cameras can record time or beautiful moments, but when people use the camera, the camera has people’s ideas. So I think sometimes the camera or the machine is innocent, and the big problem is people who develop the technology and operate the technology.

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