“The Power to Look” Post

I chose to evaluate the second video “The Power to Look” by Art Institute of Chicago. This video meets these 3 standards of intellectual quality like clarity, significance, and relevance. 

Clarity is one of techniques used by presenters, their content is clear and understandable. Presenters show us three artworks and teach people how to look from a new angle at the whole picture, and how to interpret the meaning of it. By illustrating these examples, people are learning how to perceive art and how to build a connection with the artist. I like the example of “Paris Street; Rainy Day” by Gustave Caillebote, back in 1877, the painter had access to camera lucida allowing him to paint the Parisian modern life in a unique way. 

This video has a significant information about how to look and understand artworks. It shows people how they can perceive the beauty in an unusual way. It has a significant description the example of Nigerian Crown made by Yoruba ethnic groups. When we look at the Crown’s form and patterns, we become informed about King’s royal power and his ancestral connections. Moreover, the birds on it, represent the essential support of women in the community. The author is describing the significance of Crown’s details. 

Presenters show relevant tools how to help viewers to improve their skills and experience when they look at artworks. It answers to people’s question about what they are doing wrong about understanding and finding the meaning behind the artworks. 



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  1. Paul Fess

    Irina, your post raises important points about this video. I’m wondering how you think they might inform the video’s overall point.

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