sonic example


digital technology changes our lives especially the hearing part of it. living in New York City is not a good choice for quite people because this city doesn’t sleep and too much noise, these people are trying everything to cut as much of the noise as they can but it’s hard to do that in New York City, there are people who use soundproof windows and walls in their apartments to minimize the noise but the minute they leave their apartments the noise comes back right away.

The technology era changed a lot and scientists create new ways for people to minimize the outside noise in the streets, the headphones invention take the people to a different world and get them so far from the noise in the street and in anywhere. when you put them on you travel to a different galaxy it takes you to another space. Headphones and earbuds are the way for New Yorkers to avoid ear contact with each other. it’s not a strange thing when you ride the subways train to see 90% or more having headphones or earbuds. for instance, Beat’s headphone is a famous brand that cuts the outside noise totally and that means when you have them on you won’t be able to hear anything that happens around you and that’s why people like to have them as a part of their lives.