Sonic Examples : The Benefits of Digital Music

I started making my own music back in 2000. I used a program called Fruity Loops. I created original hip hop beats that my friends and I would make raps to. Fruity Loops had a correction method that would take any note recorded and “fix” it by placing the note on the closest ⅛ of a beat. It completely removed the elasticity of the live music or analog music. The program allowed me to take samples of other music and let me stretch it or shrink it to a very precise rhythm. Krukowski feels that something may be lost to the imperfections of digital music, but I think in some musical forms, digital music creates a pleasing symmetry. It allows an amateur musician to create unique sound combinations that can be extremely enjoyable musical compositions. 

The introduction of Musical Instrument Digital Instrument or midi has allowed us to play and create an infinite number of instruments and sounds that can be put together to make new and interesting musical arrangements. These rhythmic songs are great for dancing and I think that is one of the major reasons that digital music has become the standard. While I agree there are times when the elasticity of time in music can add a certain charm, I also see the very distinct benefit to the creation of digital music. I think both analog and digital music both deserve their due place in the world of music.