How Can Art Help Us Analyze?

Amy E. Herman’s ted talk expresses that through art analysis, it can help train those to enhance their communication skills by describing what they’re seeing .Observation and analyzation can be helpful in our day to day lives or even in very important situations. For example, Amy mentions a cop reporting for backup and describing the severity of the situation. But once the backup arrives, they notice that the scene isn’t what the officer described at all. This is what she means when she says that art can sometimes save lives . When you walk into a museum it is the most self aware place to be in, why because everyone is looking at certain works of art and analyzing the details to create it . They’re using their eyes to find its meaning, hidden message, or even just to enjoy its form of structure, some even formulate questions as to why something may look the way it does. In our daily routine, we rely on our eyes to get us through the day and our words to respond to others. But if we go back to a basic format of learning we would say in order to teach a child words we use a picture book which then lets a child understand what a specific item is to a specific word. we notice that when we point to a word with an image above it a child will then try to formulate the word and point to the image hinting that they see what you are doing and understand what that image is . So that later on when they see a truck rolling down the street, they will be able to identify it. We use art as an aid to teach us how to observe , identify ,and create descriptions so that we may progress in life and our careers.

2 thoughts on “How Can Art Help Us Analyze?

  1. Saikou Sounounou Bah

    I agree with this opinion when Jenell mentions about communication skill in the question how art can help us analyze? also in the essay, the student talked about hiding message in the art and gives example how a child can learn from a book pictures and use that knowledge in his real life. That mean art can helps us to develop our communication and solve some complexes situations.

  2. Paul Fess

    Jenell, I like your point that the idea this video lays out is elemental–something that underscores how we teach children. Very interesting.

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