how art hep us to analyze

In the third video, the Smarthistory presenter made a great convincing case by explaining how art could help us to analyze complex real-world situations. using the intellectual standard depth to look deep into art, what we are facing every day and how the skills to translate what we see could save lives and help us to be successful in what we do.┬áRene Magritte Time Transfixed of 1938 a painting won’t make any sense if you look at it quickly in the video. the presenter explained how to analyze this painting by asking so many questions and made us realize so many things we didn’t pay attention to it at first. these skills help us in our complex real-life situations. the video mentioned how the doctor uses his skills to find out what is wrong with his/her patient, it could be by analyzing an x-ray or by examining the body to look for a symptom which the patient cant feel. another example is the law enforcement agent how he/she describe the crime scene. amazing how analyzing art could be helpful in our reality. facing complex situations daily would make us think about analyzing what see and build the skills to translate it.

5 thoughts on “how art hep us to analyze

  1. Irina Pistol

    Mahmoud I agree with the fact that presenter show us how to analyze the painting and to pay attention to details, because these skills are important in our life and we can apply them in our profession and in any other life situations.

  2. Paul Fess

    Mahmoud, you raise good points here. I wonder if there are specific instances from your experiences that the ideas in this video resonates with.

  3. Bella Acero

    Analyzing is a concept very important in any human being especial when you’re facing a situation. You need to analyze every detail within to be able find a solution. Art is a way in helping the mind expant in every sense to be able to find a solution.

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