Discussion questions #5

Ways of Hearing, Episode 1 & 2

Episode 1

What is Krukowski’s main point about how we experience time in the “real” world versus are experiences with “digital” time? Why are these differences significant?

According to Radiotopia First showcase series: “Ways of Hearing” by Krukowski point out a digital audio change our perception and our sense of time. The difference between real-time and digital time. Real-time is our lifetime but the digital audio has digital time. 

What does Krukowski mean when he says that listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space?

Krukowski means when he says that listening has to a lot to do with how we navigate space was about hearing of environmental sounds. When you hear the noise of the crowded street or the sound of a bird or the train that develops our sense of hearing and sense about space. Because of digital sound and headphones, we lost that sense of hearing and block your feeling toward the environmental sounds.    

Episode 2

  • In the interview at the beginning of the episode, Jeremiah Moss argues that developers in Astor Place are “privatizing public space in a very stealth way.” What does he mean by this? What does Moss say about the distinction between public and private space, and why is it important?

Jeremiah moss argues that digital audio controls the singles that we hear in public and made people create their own privet space from public space. That means the music that you hear just sounds in your ear through the headphone but you did not occupy other space. You only hear environmental sounds.   

  • What is the significance of Emily Thompson’s idea that the development of concert halls arose from desires to “control interior spaces”? How is this desire, according to Krukowski, related to earbuds and headphones?

The significance idea of Emily Thompson’s point that the development of concert halls arose from desires to control interior spaces people will be silent to hear and they will be concentrate and they will avoid distraction,  Because of the audience criticize toward what they hear and concentrate on to judge what they listening.      

  • In your own opinion, what are the key ideas from this episode about the relationship between sound and space? What strikes you as interesting about the ways that sound influences our experience of space

The most interesting part was before the experience of hearing from the radio was different because you imagine the situation from hearing you recognize the space, sounds, and situation from your ears and also build your imagination. Before we listen to the serious, drama, movie from the radio and it was more interesting than watching T.V or listen to your headphone. Now the audience wants to void the time or waiting for transportation by using headphones to hear music. My childhood was influenced by the radio because I was living with my grandmother and we used to sleep in the same room the whole night. she turned the radio on the whole night and also when she cooked, that was the valuable moment in my life because I used to listen to a bedtime story on the radio that builds my imagination, but the ability to hear. I remember I used to wake up at 6 o’clock in the morning because of the clock on the radio. There was the kid’s voice that woke me up at 6 o’clock in school days. Technology makes our lives run fast.