Discussion 3#

1. Being naked means being yourself, being who you are. But when we talk about nude it means being watched by someone else. I believe the most significant difference between them is the loss of the essence. When women are depicted nude in art they get material values, being seen as an object. We can use as an example the Brazilian Carnaval, women are exposed seminaked in the most commercials and advertisements as a trophy.

2. According to Berger, the paintings do not represent the women’s own feelings but their submission for the men, they are created for the male satisfaction. The pictures represent women being constantly judged by men, where the most beautiful women will be “chosen” by them. The woman is seen as a sexual object. I believe that it is still possible to see many men who see women as an object, as cleaner or as someone that needs to be there to serve them, as represented in the depictions.

3. In Berger’s description the mirror is represented as a vanity symbol of women. He also highlights that the pictures are painted for the men’s pleasure. While a woman looks at herself through the mirror, she’s thinking of the way men will see her. During his interview some of the women described the paintings as unreal, saying that the older European art paintings do not show dynamism and women are represented in a humiliation context, portraying women as “inanimate pleasure symbol”.