Blog Post 5

When I was in my back home country I do not need any kind of sound to start my day because my hometown is surrounded with natural beauty from where I can feel natural sounds such as, birds  chirping, cascade , temple ringing bells, and especially the sound of koel cuckoo  and my mom chant which has becomes the part of my life and I was fascinated with those natural  sounds. The sounds make me calm and satisfied. I fall in love with nature.I feel like I am in paradise. Actually, it  relaxes the body and mind for example, when we go to the massage center to massage our body. At that time the workers play the music of natural sounds like birds, flute, river, rain and so on because such music heals our body. Sound therapy experts believe that listening to calming noises or music helps to relax the body and it is an important tool in the healing process. 

But when I moved to the United States I realized that the city life is busy and rushed.  I want to relate to Damon Krukowski “ the way of hearing” that digital tools help us to connect with our feelings. Wearing earphones distracts people for certain time to relax and provide space yet, many people in the New York City rely on their cell phones for various reasons one of the reasons   is  music. Therefore, I do the same things to be comfortable, to make space in the crowd, and attach to the sounds. I use cell phones and earphones .