Blog post #4

It makes me nostalgic for the iPod i had when i was still in school. My first iPod was the smallest, music player with no internet connectivity. Back in early 2000, options for entertainment were limited. Watching pretty much anything that broadcasted in television was fun until i had iPod. It delivered the utter joy that I experience the first time i used with the thin black headphones. I would practice dance with the headphone on for the school activities. It gave the opportunity to rewind and listen and practice again and again.IT gave me a personal soundscape which I think provide me a power to concentrate. I would feel every beats of the music and was easy to remember the dance choreography. It was easily portable as well as considered stylish back then. Some of the soundtracks that I still listen, can transport me back in time. I could feel that “real “time. I could feel what I was thinking or relate things at that particular moment that wonderful moment that I had experienced.