Blog Post #3

  • Is the purpose of the essay to educate, announce, entertain, or persuade? 

The purpose of the essay is to educate, announce, entertain, and persuade peers and teachers. The writer should develop the main idea, and to bring believable and reasonable arguments to the reader. 

  • Who might be interested in the topic of the essay? 

On the first place the writer is interested in the topic of the essay, because it is easier to write about chosen topic. Moreover, it can be a subject which the writer wants to research and learn something from that. On the second place is the reader who will pick an essay to read from his interested topics 

  • Who would be impacted by the essay or the information within it? 

The essay impact both, the writer, and the reader. The writer is self-expressing through essays, he learns from his researches, develops the ideas, and expands his way of thinking. Likewise, the reader, he learns something new for him, he can borrow the writer’s ideas. 

  • What does the reader know about this topic? 

The reader has a brief idea based on topics name, and if it matches with his list of interested topics, he wants to read and know more about.  

  • What does the reader need to know in order to understand the essay’s points? 

The reader needs to know the subject, or the question addressed to this essay. 

  • What kind of hook is necessary to engage the readers and their interest? 

Vision works instantly, so a well-structured essay can be a hook to engage readers, then will be an interesting topic, also a good essay introduction. 

  • What level of language is required? Words that are too subject-specific may make the writing difficult to grasp for readers unfamiliar with the topic. 

It is required a college level of language, but the writer should know first who his readers are, and their level of language.  

  • What is an appropriate tone for the topic? A humorous tone that is suitable for an autobiographical, narrative essay may not work for a more serious, persuasive essay. 

The appropriate tone for the topic is related to audience and purpose. The writer should use the relevant vocabulary words to achieve the tone of the topic. 

  1. Covid-19 pandemic has given us the chance to stay home for an extended period, and we have a chance to do many things which we could not do before. People are saving time on commute, some workers have the possibility to work from home, students are taking online classes. Moreover, some people are learning how to cook, others are learning a foreign language. Everybody had lack of time, and now they can focus on their family, hobbies, household, and improving some skills.