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I pick the video “why art matters” and evaluate if it had any categories that will be classified as intellectual qualities. The categories that I chose were clarity, logic, and rhetoric, the video starts out with one of the speakers using an example of rhetoric. They shared, “if one has heightened visual acumen from spending time looking at things you are existing in a more later, aware environment” this person mentioned actual facts and science to back up their claim. Throughout this whole video, it showed examples of clarity. There was never any confusing statement and was very easy to comprehend.  this video also presented many examples of logic throughout the video. They gave good examples and compared their point in a way every person would be able to understand their point. the category of logic can also be combined with rhetoric.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Ngawang, you raise good points here, but I’m wondering if you could say more about each standard and its relation to the video.

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