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People are always debate about the importance of art in life. But the video Why art matters, by DR. STEVEN ZUCKER and DR. BETH HARRIS grabbed my attention. Especially, it represents different reasons from the people about the importance of the art.  
In the article intellectuals standards for quality that professor Fess posted, I learned that there are nine universal  elements for good written essays.  And this list is clarity, precision, accuracy, depth, breadth, logic, significance, relevance, and fairness. These nine elements help us to judge and analyze any written text or any speech we listen to.  And they also support critical thinking skills. In this essay I will evaluate the video by using three of these elements.
 I pick logic, clarity, and depth to use them in evaluating the video. First of all, The video idea is going around why looking at art gives it importance.also on how we practice visual observation in everyday life. Even though the speakers in the video are giving their opinions, from the whole video we can use some intellectual standards for qualities. 
First, clarity is what gives meaning for the video. The speaker’s words were easy to understand and made sense with the question. None of the speakers were using slang that may stop the glibness of the speech. 
Second, the logical way that the speakers were using the express their point of view.they clarified their opinion in logical order. The transition and the connection between each reason was good.
Third, the depth of the answers. Each one from the speaker was giving reason why looking at the art is important. One of them said that art is everywhere around us. Another one said that we live in a visual world. Which i’m really agree with, because what we see is much longer in our minds than what we hear. And one of the most important tasks in our brains is imagination. We always choose to make images for the things we don’t know.   
To sum up, art always leaves an impact.  And language and how to write are kind of art. We should know how to use it correctly and effectively.    

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  1. Paul Fess

    Salma, your post does a really good job of highlighting key standards that structure this video, and you do a really nice job of framing your thoughts.

  2. gabriela medina

    Salma, your post is very insightful and meaningful, really good job with showing the importance of key standers and structure in this video.

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