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The video “The Power to Look” can be analyzed by the intellectual standard categories, that are stated in the article “Intellectual Standards for Quality”. When judged by the categories of Precision, significance, and logic, the video is regarded up to standard. The video portrays different artists and there ability to focus the reader’s attention. The artist Gustav Caillebout utilized precision through technology to accurately depict the social classes and the margin between them. Photographer Cindy Sherman utilized director-like camera shots to express feelings such as hopelessness and vulnerability, which is relevant to the reader since their perspective is what causes that emotion. Lastly, many artists specifically portray their subject’s gaze using logic. The look in the eyes of their subjects’ portrays questions to the viewer as to what else can be seen off-frame.

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  1. Paul Fess

    Mahmoud, your comments here do a good job of highlighting how each of the examples in the video satisfy the standards of intellectual quality. How do you see these individual examples strengthening the overall argument of the video?

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