The electric eye

question number one :

The process of seeing is not natural! John Berger explained that everything we see is a reflection of our habits and conventions, it could be religious or historical or it could be what we learned from our cultures. perspective centers everything on the eye of the beholder so, what we see in on our reality is the appearance that travels into the eye. the paintings are something from our life and by looking at them we can understand if they relate to religious, historical, landscape, or a picture of our culture. For instance, John Berger mentioned an icon that is holy for Christians so it is easy for them to understand it, but it is hard for me as a Muslim to figure out what is this icon is about because I am from a different religion and a different culture.

question number two:

The human eye can be in one place at a time. The camera changed not only what we see but how we see it, it made us see things that people never imagined to see. Its the electronic eye the camera, with the camera we don’t need to travel to see arts, actually it made arts travel to us. Berger explained the most important thing about paintings themselves is their images are silent, and still. when you look at any painting still and silent that’s is a striking and breathtaking moment, and you can think about the reason behind why the painter drew this painting. with the camera, things changed and the meaning of the paintings is changed. with a camera, they can manipulate paintings by adding sounds and movement to them so the meaning change if you add opera sound, an argument sound, or zooming in on part of the painting and leave the rest of it and by doing this the whole meaning of a painting will change completely.


question number three:

Berger describes the reproduction of paintings become a ” form of information” by explaining that using a painting to describe an action, news, or advertising will change the whole meaning of the painting. the painting will have the meaning of what we see beside it or what comes after it, or what purpose it been used for. this is the reproduction of the meaning of any painting we make new meaning for any painting to serve our new purpose.

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