the chunky Mona

An image I saw online was really funny and they used it to advertise to some spaghetti sauce.

The Mona Lisa by the Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci. this image is what Berger spoke about in his video about manipulating arts. as we can in the image above they used the technology to advertise spaghetti sauce. This is an ad for Prince’s Spaghetti Sauce.  One half shows Mona Lisa holding a jar of the sauce and underneath reads “Original.”  The other half is a heavier version of Mona holding the same jar of sauce, but underneath it reads “Chunky.” here in this image we see how the meaning of the original painting has changed by using technology so, it fit what Berger mentioned in using arts for another purpose so the original meaning has changed and a new meaning replace it. 

I think this add worked well for the spaghetti company even though I see it so funny. This add attracts the audience to see what they have done to ous famous Mona Lisa.

2 thoughts on “the chunky Mona

  1. Paul Fess

    Mahmoud, this is interesting (and funny!), but I’m wondering if you can say more about how this image works as an advertisement. How does this attempt to persuade or convince someone to buy the sauce?

  2. MAHMOUD ABUFARAH Post author

    Professor, yes I can add that this advertisement made an increase in the company sales regard to the information I read online, it says this advertisement helped to increase the company sales. this picture was made by a random guy online and the company liked it and bought it from him and used it to advertise to her spaghetti sauce. I can’t say more about this image because the information about it is not much on the internet. for the company, they choose the Mona Lisa image to drag customers’ attention to try their spaghetti sauce and I think it worked for them because on the internet it says this image helped to increase the company’s sales.

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