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Why Art Matters?

Art appeared with the advent of man on earth. History knows many examples of prehistoric artefacts such as hunting objects made of stone or animal bones, a variety of painted pottery, and cave painting. Thus, art is a document of the era, reflecting human thoughts, hopes and a generation that transmits ideas and experience to the next generation. However, for some, art is pleasure, for others, it is self-expression. Of course, this is partly true, but art is more than experience, art reflects and engenders life.

We can say that the human brain is a work of art by nature. Since looking with our eyes, we see with the brain, while listening with our ears, we hear with the brain and so on throughout the entire human sensory system. Accordingly, the brain helps us perceive and create art. Nevertheless, the brain must be educated to catch the meaning in Kazimir Malevich’s Black and Red Squares or to try to feel the whole spectrum of Beethoven’s experiences in the Moonlight Sonata. Consequently, in the hope to understand the world in which we live, it is necessary to consider the history of art as a continuous process of life, and not as a set of random pictures, sounds and objects.

Opening the world of art, we gain the ability to see, perceive and hear the world through works created by people. Therefore, knowledge in the field of art helps to think outside the box to find innovative solutions. Equally, it is an opportunity to see familiar things outside the material world. Moreover, art teaches tolerance, mutual understanding and empathy. Accordingly, art is certainly a tool for the harmonious development of personality.