Sonic Example #2

Not all people in this nation living in this nation living in a loud location, the majority of them want to live in a serene place with trees and fresh air and we all know most of the time we can focus and believe thoroughly in a peaceful place. Sound pollution can be specified as undesirable or offending noise that unreasonably intrude into our everyday activities. We have always faced noise pollution in too many forms such as car honks, drilling, traffic noise, planes, barking dogs and too many things. Noise is an unwanted effect on signals. It is added on to signal due to many natural reasons as it travels through a medium. Moreover, it can randomly fluctuate the value of signals and disturbs the process of revealing the information sent through a signal. So, this distraction can cause declines to one’s sense of wellbeing. Therefore, they would spend much more time trying to get what they are reading or what they are studying. What’s more, sleeping can be affected by noise. It is a common offender interrupting sleep and it causes both primary and secondary sleep disturbance. Primary effects have difficulties in in falling asleep, awakenings and differences of sleep patterns. The secondary effects are interrupted sleep including fatigue and decreased the wellbeing performance. EMILY THOMPSON’S idea that the development of concert halls arose from desires to control interior spaces. As said “Modern problems requires modern solutions”, people started using soundproof rooms for noisy machines in industrial and manufacturing installations. This helped them to concentrate more while studying, reading or trying to sleep.