episode 2 of Ways of Seeing

Q1. Nudity and nakedness do not wear clothes in some sense. However, according to Berger in the video, he has a different opinion. When people are naked, the naked body becomes nude. Nudity is a way of showing naked body. Naked is a person without clothes. In the video, this is important because it implies how people should understand the different relationships between men and women in society in these bare paintings.

Q2. Male nudity represents victory, glory and power, while female nudity is a symbol of fertility, reproduction and sexuality. It exposes social inequality between men and women. Women are used for viewing and are regarded as objects. women are watched by men, so women are always paying attention to their own behavior and appearance. Women are seen as a landscape or object in the painting, and the viewer is the owner of the painting which means women belong to them. In today’s society, these situations still exist. In some families, women still play housewives, and then men make money to support their families. Women belong to men, and men occupy women in these families.

Q3. Mirrors appear in many nude paintings, and it is common for women to use mirrors in Western oil paintings. The appearance of the mirror is to show the vanity of women. a woman cares a lot about whether she is beautiful, so she always sees how she looks in a man’s eyes, whether a woman’s face and body meet the standards of a man. Women satisfy themselves by satisfying men。This mirror also means that in addition to men judging women, women are also judging themselves. At the same time, he connects the gazes of these women with some pornographic magazines. This gaze is like a temptation that tempts people to produce Unlimited reverie.