Discussion Questions 6

1. One of the main differences between a cellphone and a microphone is, when you are using a microphone you should do it with a technique. The sound that will reach to the other person/people changes according to how close or far you are to microphone. But when you are speaking to someone on a cellphone, the sound that other people will hear, will be the same no matter how much you are close to the mikes on the cellphone.

2. Gary Tomlison asserts that we had utterances with musical qualities which we used to communicate before the languages. He believes that our ability to communicate with the nonverbal parts of our voices goes so deep that it is coded into the genetic makeup of our species itself and today, the way we use the technology encodes our language, sends it over the Internet and make it perceivable to the other end of the specif distance. 

3. We use our voices to communicate with each other for thousands of years. Digital tools helped us to do this without worrying about the distances or even if we know or not know the person who we communicate with. But while sharing our voices over these digital tools we lost an amount of the emotions in it.

4. In my opinion, one should be able to share the music that they created, freely. If they put enough effort into it and if they have the gift, their music will be appreciated. Otherwise, if people don’t like it, this can break the will of the musician and they might give up trying5

5. Music is the expression of people’s feelings and culture. History of it goes way before the existence of languages. I believe it is magical because we can hear the same emotions in the different cultures’ musics. Music connects us with each other without needing words.

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