Discussion Questions 5

1. Real time is lived time, time as we experience it in the analog world. It can change according to the mood we are in. But the digital time is not lived time, it’s machine time. According to Krukowski, digital time makes everything more regular than lived time and it makes us less unified.
2. When he says that listening has a lot to do with how we navigate space, Krukowski meant that listening is the way we understand where we are. We can use the sounds in our space to understand where we are and where we are going.
3. In a public place, anyone who wants can be there, people cannot be banned from there. That’s why Astor places can still be considered as public places. But by putting signs there, like no skateboard, they are limiting people and dictating how people use the space.
4. Since New York is in a nonstop change, it’s very difficult to control the sounds. For this reason, the concert halls were developed to keep the unwanted sounds outside and to allow us to listen to music in the best quality. This is very likely to earbuds and headphones, which are there for the same reason individually.
5. In my opinion, sounds play an important role in determining our experience in our space. Our experience in the same space can easily change if sounds change. We can enjoy the sounds of a city, even the car horns, or we can put our headphones and have a completely different