Discussion questions #4

1. According to Berger, publicity has the purpose to make people to want to buy new things, and buying new things, people will feel more self-confident and happier. Likewise, advertising is an act of informing people about current clothing trends, new cars, jewelry, styles, devises, and many other things, influencing people to want those goods and to enhance their list of continuously needs. Companies increase their revenues due to advertising and publicity images, and people are spending their money in hope to get richer with new purchases. 

2. Through oil paintings the “spectator owner” is showing his wealthy and luxury life in the present moment, he is a subject to be envied. On the other hand advertisement show viewers that they are unhappy in the present moment of their life, and it can offer them a better alternative with a good price to satisfy their need.

3. Kim Kardashian is an example of glamour, beauty and wealth to be envied. Regarding her retouched and photoshopped pictures on social media, she became a fashion icon and idol for many women in the world. Through her Instagram pictures, she is promoting a specific body type, that many women wish to achieve through plastic surgeries, or other correction methods. However, this is just a form of false consciousness.

1 thought on “Discussion questions #4

  1. Bella Acero

    I agree with your third response. I believe that they’re are many “pubic figures” on social media portraying certain things that are “ideal” but actually aren’t . The perfect body is a top example, there no such thing as the “perfect body” for decades the ideal body is been viewed and changed in so many ways. Back in the day having a big bust and wide hips wasn’t ideal. Decades later that’s all women want and they get plastic surgery to achieve that.

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