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  1. Katiayarie Rivera

    Question one:
    According to John Berger, he expresses that “To be naked Is to be one-self.” “To be nude is to be seen naked by others and yet not recognized for one-self.” “A nude has to be seen as an object in order to be a nude.” Nudes are for females being represented as objects and not seen as a person as a woman. In European paintings women were being judged showing how women were being seen. Being naked is to be your true self. Being comfortable in your own skin. Yet, many oil paintings have been for the pleasure of their male spectator owners. Who will assess and judge them as sights. Still to this day it has not changed women are still being seen as objects for others satisfaction not many view a photo or a painting and acknowledge the beauty behind and women are still being judged for it. When viewing social media, you can clearly see women often shown as an object to help sell, catch attention looking submissive. Many only interested in the body if they’re showing skin that catches the attention and again being judged.

    Question two:
    According to Berger, Western works of art men were looking at women and judging them. In “The judgement of Paris” it’s shown the judgement transformed into the beauty contest which ever was picked was the most beautiful out of the rest of the other women when shown him handing the “apple” to the most beautiful. Panting’s aren’t showing the beauty for these women it’s showing a body being put on display. Women seen as sexual objects. These depictions influence the ways we think of the differences between men and women today. You can clearly see that even in today’s world what category women are being placed. “The women as active as the men the actions for each observe the other.”

    Question three:
    According to Berger, women in the paintings were looking at themselves in a mirror. “The mirror became a symbol of the vanity of women, Yet the male hypocrisy is blatant.” Berger has stated that from very early on women are taught and persuaded to contemplate everything she is and everything she does particular how she appears to men which is a crucial importance. In these paintings it is to show the beauty in a woman but that isn’t the case. Women tend to be very harsh on themselves I say this because women tend to care a lot about their appearance how they appear to others especially men because of society.

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