Discussion #6

Episode 3 

  1. The main differences between a cellphone and microphone according to Krukowski is that through cellphones people connect with each other, they can recognize each other’s voice, and “everyone sounds just as near, or just as far, as everyone else.” On the other hand, are the microphones, which transmit loud the voice sound to other people, or in the certain space.
  2. Gary Tomlinson believes that our ability to communicate with nonverbal parts of our voices goes so deep, it goes hundreds of thousands of years ago, before we had language,  we had utterances with musical qualities, what we needed to survive as species, like tool making and social organizations, we are musical beings. 
  3. Krukowski’s comments on the voice to ideas about community and interpersonal connection is that when we share our voices weather through songs or speech, are we saying more than our words, we connect with people around us, and those who are far away we connect with them through cellphones. 

Episode 4 

  1. As a user I am happy to have a big choice and to have access to a variety free music, I agree with the affirmation that music should be available to anyone who wants to hear it. However, playing and singing it is not just a musician’s passion, it is his job as well, he wants to charge a certain amount for his work, to be able to make his living and produce new music. 
  2. Music is bringing people together. Musician are the artists who self-express through beautiful sounds and are sharing their art with listeners, they are interacting with each other.