In the first image, we see Russian brand Hi-Fi Audio’s advertisement by copying Dali’s Madonna of Port Lligat. Salvador Dali created Madonna of Port Lligat in 1949. The painting depicts an image of Mary holding baby Jesus in her lap. Each seemingly random element in the painting has a purpose and however vague it is meant to communicate something to the viewer. For example, the Child is holding a globe in one hand and a cross in the other, and both Mary and the Child are joined in what seems like a mirror-like reflection, symbolizing the reach of spirituality.
But someone who didn’t know about this painting can’t get any of these meanings from the Hi-Fi Audio’s version. In the image, there is a woman holding a headphone between her hands, surrounded by big speakers. The surrealism factors in the advertisement and hole in the torso of the woman grab people’s attention easily. So, even though the meaning changed a lot this is a very interesting advertisement and, this can make people look for the inspiration of painting and learn much more about painting. That’s why I think this advertisement benefits the art as much as it harms the meaning of the painting.

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  1. Paul Fess

    This is interesting. I’m wondering, though, how this works as an advertisement. Why use surrealism to convince us to buy this product?

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