Blog post # 5

As a sonic example, I chose two records. One is from Queen’s live concert, and the second one is the studio record of the same song, the same band. As we have learned from the Krukowski’s podcasts, the sound and its perception are also affected by the space. Even if both of the video examples are kind of reproduction, I believe that the difference is clear. In a live concert, we can see people sharing and enjoying the moment together. Freddie Mercury is communicating with the audience and getting feedback from them, which is creating a breathtaking and magical ambiance. In the second record, we can hear the very same song much clearly, without any unwanted noises, perfectly understand all the words precisely, enjoy the listening of all the instruments. The studio recording is a much better quality of the music, technically speaking. Yet, people that are listening to the studio record can’t have the same, unforgettable experience full of emotions that are written down into their memory as the audience at the live concert had.

Queen – Love of My Life

Wembley, ’86.

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