Blog Post #4 Sonic Examples

Blog Post #4 Sonic Example

My first personal audio experience was with my brand new slim and shiny bluish Panasonic Walkman. It was unlike the bulky Sony ones that came out in 1979. I vividly remember that the sound it produced through my headphones were very clear. It changed my whole experience of listening to music. It freed me from the chains of forced and shared experience of listening to tape recorders or watching television with family members. The freedom of listening to music anytime and anywhere gave me a new experience of listening to music. It is interesting how a particular music can bring me back to a moment of space in which I experienced that music. The first song I listened to on my Walkman was November Rain by Guns and Roses. It was a rainy November that day. I was lying on my bed; my eyes were closed, and I was thoroughly enjoying listening to the song. The music was hitting my cranium and it was just swirling around in my head. The dogs barking, my mother’s cooking or my father’s talking did not budge me a bit. It let me experience the space and sound in that one moment. It is true to how Emily Thompson described that, “sound is inside your head and it is not even outside of your head”. So, every time I listen to this particular song, it teleports me to the time when I first enjoyed my Walkman. It is striking as to how I feel each moment of that day when I hear this song. This lived experience is always nostalgic every time November rain is in the air.