Blog Post #3

  1. The purpose of an essay is to educate and persuade. When people read an essay they’re meant to get the most information they can because a well developed essay has organized ideas, good structure and very refined words.
  2. The topic of the essay is meant to interest students who have to write a College level essay. This helps to Improve their writing skills 
  3. The students and the readers are the most impacted. When when they write a well developed essay. They will see exactly how affected this information was.
  4. The reader knows in an essay you will find an introduction, body and conclusion paragraphs. The introduction gives clear ideas about a specific topic. Later, in the body, the writer organizes the ideas with good examples. The examples have to connect with the topic. In the conclusion, the reader has a good summarized paragraph of what the topic was about.
  5. The reader needs to know the main points, how to develop a strong thesis statement and how to structure an essay around it.
  6. A hook should catch the reader’s attention. You should provide an interesting statement or topic information that will engage a reader.
  7. To write an essay in level College it’s important to understand the words you are reading. Using strong words in a specific word subject may be hard for others to understand. You need to use broad language.
  8. The tone of the essay all depends on what type of essay you’re

Part 2

  1. The year 2020 will be known for the year of tragedies. There were and continue to be many phenomenal world wide. 2020 has not had a month where we as a nation have been at peace. What continues to affect us is a deadly virus. The city that never sleeps came to a stop in 2020, COVID-19 also known as the Coronavirus is a modern day pandemic that cost the lives of thousands. All forms of media have been overloaded with images and videos of what life is like outside our doors. These images show us the reality of the way the world is today and the difficulties people are going through. One photo can express a million emotions and an insight on other lives.